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GCC 2015 Webinar

The General Conditions of Contract 2015 webinar:

  1. The GCC 2015 webinar covers the following content as set out below.
  2. The webinar is accredited for 1 CPD point by CESA as recognized by ECSA.
  3. The attendee will be provided with a password to access Modules 4 – 7 upon receipt of the completed registration forms and payment of the seminar fee.
  4. The attendee will be required to complete an attendance register to certify the dates upon which all of the modules were attended.
  5. The attendee will be required to complete a questionnaire.
  6. Upon receipt of the attendance register and a pass rate of 60% on the questionnaire (sent to, the attendee will be issued a CPD certificate for attendance.
  7. The cost for the GCC 2015 webinar is R2,000-00 (excluding VAT) per person.

Module 1: (Free access)

  1. Introduction and background to the GCC 2015 Conditions of Contract
  2. The Construction Industry Development Board procurement process
  3. The Offer and Acceptance process
  4. The essential contents of a competent construction tender document
  5. Qualification vs Clarification in a tender document
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Module 2: (Free access)

  1. The different construction contracts
  2. Requirements of a valid contract
  3. The legal and contractual framework
  4. Parties to the GCC 2015 contract
  5. Law of Agency

Module 3: (Free access)

  1. Commencement of Contract
  2. Commencement of Works

Module 4: (Paid access)

  1. Construction documentation deliverables

Module 5: (Paid access)

  1. Access to and possession of the Site
  2. Execution of the Works

Module 6: (Paid access)

  1. Monetary obligations

Module 7: (Paid access)

  1. Claims and Disputes
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